About us - The property project known now as Lofts des Arts

propery project Loftdes ArtsAt the beginning of the last century, the freshly constructed Ontario Building, as was known in those days, was standing up in its all might at the quadrilateral of St. Laurent, de Maisonneuve, Clark and Ontario.

Almost one hundred years passed before a promoter could work on its real renaissance and offer it again to the City of Montreal that, indeed, is itself in a rebirth mode.

The property project known now as Lofts des Arts is the deed of a European entrepreneur with an extraordinary experience on planning, building and managing many tourist resorts in Europe.

Montreal's best architects, engineers and special contractors are involved in the restoration of the old factory and the construction of the second phase that will be built on the land facing the de Maisonneuve Boulevard.

Montreal's know-how and European tradition, are working together to offer you a beautiful site where to live well and where your place also is a work of Art.

« Lofts des Arts » by Dalle Nogare Group

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